Our Story

Welcome to Binowee Family Grazing! We are Cam & Tilly Griffin, two first generation graziers located on the banks of the Bejeke-Petersen dam in the pristine South Burnett region of Queensland. Together we own and operate a small regenerative grazing operation with a focus on creating nutrient rich, biologically active soils that in turn will yield wholesome food to nourish Australian families.


Born and raised in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Cam has always had a passion for the Australian landscape and the diversity of animals that inhabit it. Positive that this was his calling it became clear that the best way to combine the two was to pursue farming, where he attended the University of Queensland and completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Business and met his bride to be, Tilly. 

Tilly grew up in the Samford Valley on the outskirts of Brisbane where she developed a love for horses and adventure. She went on to study a Bachelor of Equine Science at the University of Queensland and is now working as a vet nurse where she is dedicated to the care and wellbeing of all animals great and small.


The Regenerative Journey

Not long after completing his studies and working for numerous conventional farming operations Cam very quickly developed a sense that there was something abnormal about the current food production system. 

The first thing that became evident was how heavily industrialised agriculture has become as a consequence of trying to mass produce food in the cheapest way possible. It was clear that this reductionist mentality of only looking at food as a commodity independent of consumer and environmental well-being is what has led to the rapid degradation of top soil and the decline in human health. 

Curious and convinced there had to be a more natural alternative out there, they fortuitously came across the Regenerative Agriculture movement, a movement that aligns with their beliefs of enhancing natures ecosystems through the holistic stewardship of land and livestock.

With a burning desire to implement new techniques and no family farm to inherit, Cam ran into his first problem, acquiring land. It wasn't until he heard a quote from Allan Nation that said "it should not be your goal to own the land, but to control it" which struck a chord as he realised he may still have a chance of actively managing farmland without needing to own it. After acquiring his first lease in 2019, it soon became clear that with correct management which increased the lands productivity, there was still a hope of starting a regenerative grazing enterprise.

The Operation

4 years later Binowee Family Grazing was born and operates on 270 acres spread over 6 different lease farms in Moffatdale, Queensland. Whilst still building cattle numbers of our own, the core enterprise is a custom grazing operation which takes in cattle on agistment and grazes them to meet the needs of the owner. 

To maximise profitability whilst healing the land the fastest we practice high density rotational grazing, which involves bringing animals into tight mobs and regularly moving them to fresh pasture. This is our attempt at biomimicry and trying to emulate the grazing patterns herbivores have followed for millions of years, because as we see it mother nature already has the blueprint sometimes we just have to get out of her way! 

In the pipeline is a focus on bringing our pastured meats direct to consumer to revive the farmer-customer relationship and give them confidence in knowing where their food came from. We are passionate about producing nutrient dense food raised as nature intended meaning we don't use chemicals, apply synthetic fertilisers or feed livestock high energy grains.

Ecosystems build resilience through diversity and symbiotic relationships so we are chewing at the bit to introduce new species to our operation such as Sheep, Chickens & Pigs!