• Earth

    Soil and plants are the most important resource in our entire production system, with soil providing the nutrients necessary for plant growth and plants serving as the primary source of sustenance for all higher-level organisms.

  • Beast

    Our beautiful livestock, treated with reverence and respect are the solar powered grass harvesters that we manage using regenerative principles to help us convert plant material inedible to humans, into nutrient-dense red meat.

  • Nourishment

    The prosperity of a community depends on the health of its people, which is why we work to produce natural, unadulterated food just as mother nature intended that not only feeds the body but nourishes the soul.


"With a burning desire to implement new techniques and no family farm to inherit, Cam ran into his first problem, acquiring land. It wasn't until he herd a quote from Allan Nation that said "it should not be your goal to own the land, but to control it" which struck a chord as he realised he may still have a chance of actively managing farmland without needing to own it. After acquiring his first lease in 2019, it soon became clear that with correct management which increased the lands productivity, there was still a hope of starting a regenerative grazing enterprise."

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